Wednesday, April 28, 2010

you and everybody else you know right?

Is it completely generic to be starting a blog about food and fashion? Let's just say it's less than original and revolutionary. And maybe a small f*** off to those that think that you can't be interested in both. I'm no model and a girl's gotta eat.

The name? Definitely homage to my favorite hot sauce of all time. Cha cha cha? Multiple reasons: 1. a toast to a singular night at the SF Haight Street location of this amazing tapas and sangria spot. (beware, it was the sangria that made the night.) 2. I am reminded of both the dance and Danny's ex girlfriend in Grease ChaCha DiGregorio, (the best dancer at st. bernadette's with the worst reputation) sexy/feisty/vintage/feminine.

Let's see if I can get something started...